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Sometimes, when I blog – I just need to release that valve of pressure.  I unburden my heart, so I can sleep at night.  I would like to first thank everyone for their encouragement after reading this post of my heart.  The truth is, our house has a lot more happy moments than they have sad. 


Want to be happy this Friday?  Be happy with us. 


Alexander is eating like a champ.  He’s been chowing down on lasagna, chicken dinner with stuffing and mashed potatoes, his new favorite – macaroni and cheese, and basically everything.  (you would THINK that Turkey would gain a little weight!)


Sometimes – after he eats – he is so exhausted he falls asleep.  Also, he has started to “rock” a bit.  He needs extra sensory input, so I put a hat on him to give him that stimuli.


Alexander is also getting stronger.  The best therapy – is seriously – siblings.  Alexander is VERY aware of what his brother and sister are doing.  And if they are doing it… then he wants to be doing it.  See for yourself.



I’m not going to lie.  I LOVE this picture with his hair. Love it.


Finally… if you want to see something really remarkable – check this out.  He is truly amazing:


When the kids pray, they thank God for Mommy and Daddy and Alexander – and then everyone else. 

Alexander is extremely vocal when the twins are doing something and he is not with them.

Several times a night, they walk up to him – wrap their arms around him – and say, “I love you Little Buddy.”


There is a lot of love going on around here. That makes me smile.


Share the love.  What’s happy in your house?


  1. Charlie says:

    That photo of his hair is great. Too cute! I love how sweetly they interact with Alexander. The three of them are so blessed to have each other! This was a nice post to wake up to this morning :)

  2. Robbie says:

    The hair is hysterical! Also i want to play with that toy! What is it?

  3. Jen says:

    He looks SO good Kristen, I’m happy things are going in a positive direction with his health!

  4. Susi says:

    Love the hair. It’s funny how it’s all standing up. It’s nice to see you have a happy day and sharing the happy thoughts. :) Sending lots of smiles your way!!! :)

  5. Joanna says:

    The hair is sweet..get that boy a walker…he’s ready to MOVE!!!!!!

  6. Life As Wife says:

    He is so precious! Look at his eyes so full of wisdom! He knows what’s going on, that is for sure!

  7. Theresa says:

    Aaaww! You seriously just put a huge smile on my face! So glad to hear that things are going so well at your home. Your family truly deserves it! And you are so right, the picture of Alexander and his wild and crazy hair is the best!

  8. Genevieve says:

    The hair is killing me! OMG. Hilarious. I think the hair standing up is the start of the rest of Alexander standing up.

    What’s happy at my house is my dog Cupcake trying to figure out what to do about the battery operated hamster rolling around the house in a plastic ball. Look in the dictionary under DUH and you’ll see her face!!

  9. Awwwwwwwww!! This totally melted my heart!

  10. The past couple of days have been extremely difficult for me but I’m glad I remembered to check into your website because this post warmed my heart and put a smile back on my face. You have a wonderful family. Thank you for sharing.

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