Day 21 – Moon

Malibu Barbie knew she wanted to walk on the wild side during her bachelor party.  She enlisted Princess Barbie to make sure she sewed all her wild oats.


Mooning a group of little old men waiting for coffee was apparently on her list.


Getting pulled over by the police man also ordering coffee was apparently not.


But, now she can get married with the knowledge she survived jail and lived to tell about it.




ps. the real “moon” wasn’t out last night. I checked before I got creative.


pps. Don’t forget to start the 30 day photo challenge HERE. (Be sure to check out the other linkers!)


  1. nonamedufus says:

    Mooning Barbie. I have to say I never saw that one in stores.

  2. This is hysterical! They both look like they’re having a ball driving with the top down with wind in the driver’s hair and flying up Barbie’s buttocks.

  3. laughingmom says:

    This goes along with Cheryl’s Full Pink Moon perfectly! Very funny idea!

  4. Ziva says:

    Haha, perfect!

  5. Mo says:

    Ah yes, I can totally relate.

  6. MikeWJ says:

    That Barbie looks all sweet and innocent, but apparently there’s a wild child underneath her skirt.

    Nice desperation photo, Kristen.

  7. Malisa says:

    Those California girls are always getting out of trouble because they are good lookin’! She should probably be in jail for life for that heart attack she gave that old man. Cute idea, Kristen. Let’s go for a ride. I’ll honk.

  8. Nicky says:

    Hahaha! I might have played more with Barbies as a child had they offered the Wild Side Barbie! Good one, Kristin :-)

  9. totally hilarious!

  10. 00dozo says:

    HA! This is more bizarre than the day I had today. Thank you. I really needed the laugh (and to know that there is other weird people out there just like me).


  11. Katherine says:

    HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! I am DYING! I just said outloud, “OK, this shot WON the moon day!” Everyone wanted to see. I held up my laptop and my 18 year old shook his head, my mom laughed outloud and my daughter made a face that I can’t even describe. YOU WIN!

  12. Nora Blithe says:

    LOL! The grin on the Barbie in the driver’s seat makes it!

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