Day 23 – Fish

It is raining buckets. Buckets.  But, I don’t want to ruin my camera by taking the shot I tried to get: Me walking that dang dog 4 times a day. (1/2 hour each time.) – yes… 2 hours of walking a day.  Mixie and I look and feel like drowned rats.  Instead, I resorted to my models:


The Over processed Three Year Old Fish.  Very Rare. Can be bribed by blowing bubbles.




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  1. nonamedufus says:

    That’s a great effect on that picture. See, you didn’t even have to go fishing for compliments.

  2. I had a hard time coming up with one too for today. Tomorrow is going to be worse. Not a lot of crowd shots here in northcentral Pennsylvania where we had a late season snowstorm. :(

    That said, nice photo…nice attempt. :)

  3. laughingmom says:

    Nice colors ! I’ve had one of those fish once – now he’s almost 20 and bubbles just don’t work. Fish on the other hand sort of need to make bubbles.

  4. MikeWJ says:

    Ouch, my eyes hurt, and I just remembered something really good that happened to me in 1975. :)

  5. the effects you used on the photo = amazeballs.

  6. Lary Larson says:

    Great One i really like what you’ve made to this little guy here ! … Thanks For sharing

  7. Cheryl says:

    I love the over-processed 3-year old fish. He’s quite brilliant.

  8. Ziva says:

    Holy crap, that is some exotic fish you have there!

  9. Mo says:

    I love tropical fish, so much colour, but so much hard work to look after.

  10. Nicky says:

    That is very cool. And amazingly dry :-)

  11. Krizza says:

    You are really brilliant doing this tropical fish..I love watching while doing this..Thanks for sharing with us..

  12. Katherine says:

    That picture is CRAZY COOL!

  13. 00dozo says:

    Well, there’s a fish you don’t mind kissing unless you want to be an honourary Newfoundlander. In that case you will have to kiss a cod (but you get to drink a lot of screech (alcohol) before having to do it).

    Love the effects!


  14. Nora Blithe says:

    Aw! How cute! I love the blowing bubbles=fish idea.

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