Hello Addison, Please meet Miss Bimbo

I read the most disturbing thing on the internet today.  I know… shocking. 


It is a website where you can dress up and play make believe with your online doll.  Miss Bimbo


I’m not lying.  See for yourself:


Fullscreen capture 4112012 70751 PM.bmp

From the “About” page:

My name is Cindy aka Miss Bimbo!
I created this game in 2006 combining my passion for fashion and technology.
I am just an ordinary California girl. I love sports, my family, friends and fashion! I work as a senior software programmer at facebook which is really cool.
In my spare time I hang out with my friends and online here. I guess my friends would describe me a typical bimbo (but my boobs are real!).

I want to introduce you to a couple of people.
American Bimbo is my best friend. We went through high school together and we are life long buddies.
She has the most amazing fashion sense and is the coolest person I know in the world.

Mama Bimbo is also on this site and I love her to bits.
She taught me everything I know about fashion and style. I love you Mom.

Finally………ahemm…… the evil one
There is a dark secret within our family that I cant tell you about now but sign up and I will tell you more!
Hope to see you soon on MissBimbo.com
love and kisses,
Miss Bimbo


Disturbing?  This website was created by a woman and to date has “625 bimbos on-line now and 2865064 registered Bimbos!” – from their header. 


Are. You. Kidding. Me?  How could that many people want to be called a Bimbo?  Seriously?  What is WRONG with people? 


Why do we take such pleasure in devaluing women? What is it that has turned our society into one that criticizes the looks of anyone not deemed “perfect” and creates this celebrity status based on beauty?


What are we teaching our children?  Should I just go ahead and tell Addison what plastic surgery she should get to be successful in life?  Should I make sure Andrew looks for “beautiful” friends – because that is all that matters?


Really?  These are not my values, but I can not get past how 2865064 people have registered for a site as offensive as this.


(Oh – and I’ve got two children on my lap as I type.  I clicked on the internet and the Miss Bimbo page popped on.  Andrew said, “Is that a princess?”)  Shit.


Shocked?  Well, let’s put this in perspective:


Barbie, if she was a real person would not be able to stand erect.  Her “ideal weight” is 110 lbs and proportionate height would be 5’9’’.  This would give her a BMI of 16.4 – anorexic.  Want to see her in real-life proportions?  Check out this girl’s body image project HERE


Today, while I was writing this post, I logged onto Yahoo to check my e-mail.  Top stories:


Ashley Judd was criticized because her face is “too chubby.”


The  photogenic man is now an internet sensation.  For looking good while running a race.


And finally, I came across this website on MSN.  Plastic Surgery gone bad.  No lie – all published today. 


When does it end?  When will we stop telling our children that beauty is only skin deep?  When will we finally tell our daughters that a BIMBO is not something you want to be? 


And, if it isn’t us… then who will tell her?



  1. Carol says:

    Your post is quite interesting. I love it.!

  2. Wendy @ mama one to three says:

    Oooooooooooh… I am so

  3. Nice post!! That website is so horrible! I think that many registrants has to be made up.

  4. Arminda says:

    Thanks, Kristen! Great post and what a wake-up call that Andrew identified the images he saw with princesses. Although, I’ve got opinions on all those princess stories, too, and what messages they send to our precious little ones. I’m glad to be part of the discussion with you and others on our blogs today – collectively throat punching Miss Bimbo.

  5. Cindy says:

    And then there’s the website where young girls can post with the question “Am I Hot???” So sad! My daughter went to a small Christian high school. BUT she wasn’t valued there by her classmates because she didn’t dress like a “normal” teen would. She was going through a tough period in her life and they won’t accept her. For a variety of reasons,we didn’t pull her out. Looking back we should have! She is now 23 and has risen above that. She has friends who value her for who she is and a steady boyfriend of 3 years!

  6. I hate the whorish looking dolls out too for our littles to play with, like Monster High and those Moxie dolls…

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