I was Going To… I Did.

  • I was going to pay the bills today.  Balance our checkbook; redo our budget.  Be an important financial planner in our household.


  • I was going to grocery shop.  We need food and I was going to make sure those needs were met.


  • I was going to cook.  Make a meal my family would be proud of; their mouths would water. … everyone would eat without complaint.


  • I was going to call my aunt.  Thank her for everything she does for us.  Follow up on the phone call where I said, “I’ll call you sometime next week.”


  • I was going to show people how much I appreciate them.


  • I was going to say thank you and I love you.


  • I was going to be a better friend.



  • I was going to stop myself from losing my temper when tested by three year old monsters children.


I failed miserably….


Instead, there are a few things I did.


    • I yelled at my children about a hundred times.  I corrected them and corrected them and corrected them again. Because, well – my job is to help them grow into people that are tolerable.



  • I helped my husband and children work on their tree house. Because Ray will soon enough try to do it without me (even though he shouldn’t), so I let my 3 year old boss me around because this tree house is really important to him.


  • I took my kids and Mixie to visit my old bosses and secretaries.  The ladies who love me like a daughter hugged my children fiercely. And my heart melted.  My children were the center of attention at the big high school and it was a really cool experience for them. (Until they got in trouble for running in the halls and not holding a hand in the parking lot.)


  • I showered. (Does this count? Because around here… it can be kind of huge).


  • I made my kids their favorite breakfast.


  • I told all 3 of my children I loved them… a lot.


I might not have failed as much as I thought.


Every day – we set these goals.  Sometimes I feel like I could achieve them, but at the cost of what?  Does anyone else EVER feel like that?  Do you ever feel like you let your family and friends “down” with your “duties” because you were too busy doing the day to day things?  Do you have a better way to balance these things?


  1. Charlie says:

    A TREE HOUSE???!!! You are the coolest mom ever.

    I started my day off failing at my number one goal of not yelling at my big baby. I felt like crap all day after that – still do. But tomorrow is another day and I will pray tonight to have more strength and self-control tomorrow. It’s all I can do. Thank you for sharing – it feels better to know I am not alone :)

  2. I’d say all in all you had a pretty good day ;) Funny how we all make those mental checklists of things we’re going to do better “today” and then we realize that’s not what makes a good day.. it’s the unplanned events that make the good days.

  3. speccy says:

    I love this :) That sounds like a super day- tree house, hugs, breakfast AND a shower! You even did cooking and appreciating. The bills and stuff will be there tomorrow.

  4. all the time! I have had so many fail moments this week that I cannot even see the successes~

  5. Genevieve says:

    You did lots of important stuff! The other stuff will happen when it happens. I mean – a shower and a little road trip sounds like a perfect day to me.

  6. Susi says:

    Fail at one thing but win in another. It’s always a huge give and take. I make myself lists of things to do and when I don’t get them done I sometimes beat myself up over it. I’m getting better at letting go and just enjoying the moment and the I love you’s…

  7. Katherine says:

    WOW. Your post sure speaks to me. On the weekends, I can put “I meant to clean the house but took the kids fishing instead.” You can also see some yelling at the kids in there too I’m sure, and just as many I Love You’s. The life of a mother, right?

  8. Arnebya says:

    This is so achingly true (if only we could stop judging ourselves for our shortcomings long enough to applaud ourselves for the important things we do get done). That treehouse looks awesome. (Also, yeah, showering totally counts. Totally).

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